Gagamba, also known as Ahas until 1890,  was a terrorist who joins the Ballas gang group in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a cousin of Alakdan. His role is based on Ronwaldo Martin's Gagamba in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. He never wanted to leave Alakdan when he needs him for staying loyal to his terrorist group along with his new friend Nikko Johnson. 

Early lifeEdit

Gagamba and Alakdan were born in a forest in the state of San Andreas. They grow faster like the Johnson Brothers. They escape the forest when they're really scared. They must hide in an empty house that is at the city of Los Santos so the pedestrians may never see them. When Nikko Johnson secretly joins their terrorist team. Gagamba and Alakdan allowed him to be their best friend and a new companion.

Death Edit

Gagamba was shot along with Alakdan several times by Tarnell Johnson and Benny Johnson when the Johnson Brothers came to their house as new members of terrorists to hide and take over and kill all the terrorist team. So much for being deeply wounded by the brothers' silent gun bullet, he died with Alakdan. The brothers continued to fight the rest of the terrorists until they all died. The brothers also rescue Nikko Johnson and he was taken by them to his home at the The Third Suspension Bridge.