Alakdan was a terrorist at the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. His role was based on Jhong Hilario's Alakdan at the ABS-CBN TV show, FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. He is Ahas' cousin. His first thing to do is to destroy the days of his nemesis excluding his best friend Nikko Johnson along with his companion Ahas

Places he lived Edit

Destroying the days of the Johnson BrothersEdit

When Alakdan and Ahas are arriving at Antartica in 1975, they haved planned to chop some more ice to travel so they may freeze the river at the entire state of San Andreas. When a bunch of ice arrives at the International Freedom Bridge, the first arch span was broken and was affected by an ice jam in the river. Tarnell and Feddy's home was at the bridge too. The bridge and their house was collapsed after a few hours. Tarnell got really angry along with his twin brother. Their rivalry against Alakdan and Ahas grows larger.

Death Edit

The Johnson Brothers are sneaking at Mount Chiliad to take over the Pulang Araw terrorists and to rescue Nikko Johnson. The brothers were disguised as their new allies. When they are in Alakdan's terrorists headquarters, Nikko's twin brother, Benny, shot Alakdan and Ahas with a double silent gun seven times. The brothers started the war and all of the terrorists died. The brothers quickly took Nikko back to his home, The Third Suspension Bridge, using their getaway car and they reported to the police officers that they killed all of the terrorists. The officers have to give them $5,000 for taking over the terrorist team.