Bhingbong Andersen was a basketball player of the San Fierro Ballerz of the San Andreas Basketball Association. He was also a designer of the International Freedom Bridge which shortly appeared in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and mostly in The Sims Freeplay via Karl Derek GJagonia Town. He is the spouse of a real estate CEO, Stephanie Andersen. He was the last person to cross the International Freedom Bridge before it collapsed since August 23, 1975 when he returns to Los Santos. He managed to cross it by running like a Torero until he reached the Los Santos abutments on the San Andreas side and he was safe.

On January 7, 2018, Andersen watched the blacktop basketball game and he was hit in the head by the ball that goes out-of-bounds which caused his death and the Grim Reaper visits him to send his soul to Heaven. His funeral was held in the largest building of Los Santos. After that occasion, his remains are taken to the San Fierro Memorial Park and cremated. His ashes are placed inside the basketball shaped urn and the urn is kept at his teammate’s house.