The Brown Streak Railway Cantilever Bridge, also known as San Andreas Cantilever Bridge and San Fierro Cantilever Bridge, was a railway cantilever bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is mainly based on the Forth Rail Bridge from Edinburgh, Scotland. It was replaced by The Upper Suspension Bridge in 2017 and dismantled. This cantilever bridge carried the Brown Streak Railroad.

Construction Edit

The cantilever bridge was built near the site of The Third Suspension Bridge since 1890 when Nikko Johnson's twin brother, Benny, has to build a cantilever bridge that has came from the earlier cantilever bridge. It connects from San Fierro to Tierra Robada. It has also an arch span which is weak below. It was upgraded into thickness when the engineers used the steel arch span from the Johnson Bridge that was collapsed in 1989 and a cantilever span from the earlier Liberty City Cantilever Bridge which has demolished in 1927.

History Edit

The SF Cantilever Bridge was built by Benny Johnson since the late 1890's. Its construction is really long because it takes 102 years to complete. The Third Suspension Bridge replaced the cantilever bridge's recent span. The bridge was opened without ceremony and it was on a maintenance on its span, which was recycled from the old bridges.

Demolition Edit

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Construction of the temporary Upper Suspension Bridge that surrounds and replaces the SF Cantilever Bridge.

In 2017, the Johnson Brothers have decided to rebuild The Upper Suspension Bridge as a temporary bridge for The Second Upper Suspension Bridge which is the replacement of the cantilever bridge, in a similar design to stand near The Third Suspension Bridge. The suspension bridge is still temporary when the railway tracks from the cantilever bridge was removed and formed into a U-turn at the Cranberry Station, a railway station in San Fierro near the cantilever bridge. The cantilever bridge was sold to the Sobell Rail Yards and demolished. Here are the reminders for its demolition.

  • Erection of timber towers on both sides of the river.
  • Iron cables hold the railway deck and surrounds the cantilever span.
  • Moving the cantilever span using the sky crane near the new suspension bridge in order the demolish the span and place the remains at a stronger empty cargo ship.
  • The iron cables holds the cantilever bridge deck and the railway tracks were removed.
  • Demolishing the cantilever bridge span by the use of dynamite to place the remains at the empty cargo ship deck.
  • The ship leaves San Fierro and heads to the seaport of Las Venturas.
  • Placing the remains of the cantilever bridge on a cargo van.
  • The van heads to the Sobell Rail Yards to have the demolished bridge span sold for scrap.