Feddy Johnson, also known as Fam4 Johnson when he was the fourth family member, is a long-life construction engineer, and a replica of his identical twin brother Tarnell Johnson. His home together with his twin brother is at the International Freedom Bridge at the San Andreas side of the San Andreas River. He doesn't want to be ashamed of himself in what he has done for his friends.

Early life Edit

Feddy is a young child that was born after his twin brother Tarnell in 2 minutes. He decided to be happy of his bridge territory that he wants the terrorists to stay away from it; otherwise it might collapse through the river.

He founded the small town named El Quebrados at Bone County, San Andreas since 1932. When he and his brothers were there. They renamed it as Radiator Springs (Lightning McQueen's hometown in Cars 1, 2, and 3) for it's buildings.