This bridge was designed by a Japanese-Filipino Sim architect, Bhingbong Andersen.

The San Andreas-Liberty City International Freedom Bridge, also knownas the Freedom Bridge until 1975, is the newest and the longest arch bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is mainly based on the Peace Bridge at Niagara Falls in Buffalo, New York, United States and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. It connects from San Andreas to Liberty City. This bridge cannot be seen because the game is from 1992 but its site is appeared at East Beach, Los Santos before its construction in 2010. The bridge was collapsed once since 1975 and it was reopened in 2015. This bridge replaces and could not accommodate the pedestrian traffic to The International Bridge to Freedom and the Liberty City Cantilever Bridge in 1927.  

Residents Edit

Construction Edit

The Freedom Bridge consists of 5 arch spans over the San Andreas River along with a Parker through-truss span which is also over the East Beach highway in Los Santos. It was built by the Johnson Brothers. The construction was held at the road in Los Flores, East Los Santos, Los Santos that it is going to be the bridge's end and it's also in St. Mark's Bistro, Liberty City. The bridge is the highest bridge at the entire state of San Andreas and Liberty City. The Liberty City Cantilever Bridge was demolished and was sold for scrap soon after the new bridge has opened.

Collapse Edit

The Freedom Bridge was collapsed on August 23, 1975

Freedom Bridge

The Freedom Bridge before collapse at 2:00pm

when a bunch of ice from Antartica that was sent by the terrorists, Alakdan and Gagamba, freezes the San Andreas River and it enters the first arch span that causes it to melt that has amplified a particular weakness in its construction. The first arch span was broken at the middle while the rest were elevated to come after it. The bridge is still standing for a few hours before it crashed into the river below.

Freedom Bridge collapse

Freedom Bridge collapsed (closer view)

Final collapse begins at 5:00am on August 24, 1975 when the first arch span was sunk into the river. Tarnell and Feddy were really angry that their house along with the bridge was collapsed and their rivalry against Alakdan and Gagamba are growing more larger. Demolition of what was left for the bridge took place in September-November 1975 when all of the remains have disappeared. At the San Andreas side of the river, the Johnson Brothers have decided to strengthen and expand its abutments from the East Los Santos to the East Beach Highway in Los Santos. As a decision that was made, The Johnson Brothers had to rebuild the bridge in a similar design to the first bridge in 2010 and it was finished in 2015.

Grand Reopening Edit

The Johnson Brothers are discussing the International Freedom Bridge to all pedestrians in Los Santos that they’re rebuilding the bridge in similar design so the pedestrians and all vehicles are heading to Liberty City and heading back to San Andreas. They prepare for 35 years by demolishing the first International Freedom Bridge so they rebuild it in a similar design at the main site. The brothers are upgrading all five arch spans and a Parker through-truss span to increase


The San Andreas-Liberty City International Freedom Bridge's official opening on New Year's Day.

thickness when their two brothers, Feddy and Tarnell Johnson have decided to strengthen the bridge so that there will be no disaster that has occurred to the first Freedom Bridge. They re-erected the 5 upgraded arch spans and the through-truss span in 2010 at its original site so they must finish increasing thickness to the bridge earlier by pouring strong concrete on the deck in order to stop the bridge from the collapse. When the new Freedom Bridge was completed, the brothers have dumped a bunch of ice onto the river and it freezes. The brothers have tested out. The ice enters the bridge span but all of the upgraded arch spans doesn't melt anymore. The bridge has opened again after its second construction on the arch spans on January 1, 2015 to the public as the New Year's Day. It is renamed into "San Andreas-Liberty City International Freedom Bridge".

Maintenance and construction of twin span Edit

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Redecking of International Freedom Bridge in 2016

The maintenance of the International Freedom Bridge is the redecking to renew the structure. It includes:
  • Building of the twin bridge span 1 km away from the main bridge
  • Installing several luxury lights at both sides of the main bridge
  • Strengthen the main bridge to 3,000 tons of capacity
  • Widening of pedestrian walkway
  • Installing rainbow lights on the arch spans that gives a more luxurious appearance to the main bridge
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The newest International Freedom Bridge after redecking

The International Freedom Bridge has planned to increase traffic by building a third new span at the road that leads to the Linden Railway Station at Las Venturas in San Andreas and a location near Francis International Airport in Liberty City. The Johnson Brothers have decided not to dismantle the main International Freedom Bridge because it is the main house of their middle brothers Feddy and Tarnell Johnson and for purposes for those who bound for Liberty City and the new is for San Andreas. The cable from the new tall arch, which spans the East Beach Highway, came from The Upper Suspension Bridge, which has collapsed in 1989 due to earthquake along with the Johnson Bridge which is due to traffic chaos. After the completion of the second International Freedom Bridge, the brothers decided to build the new one. It is named International Freedom Bridge 2 and it opens in 2017.