The hyenas are apart of the Disney War aiding the villians. The lead hyena's name is Antonio Qunadinso Quimmy Queshaun Bailey. They are guard dogs for the villians. In part 8, when Mulan and Ariel tried to sneak in the villians lair. Several hyenas saw them and chased Mulan and Ariel away. Before Antonio could snap at Ariel, Quasimodo and Eric saved them. In part 14, the hyenas go in the savananah to hunt for food and they return when the lions go back to pride rock. In part 21, Maleficent orders them to find Jafar because she and the Queen thinks he is missing (really he's dead) the hyenas go anyway and spot Hercules and Phil in their territory. In parts 22-30 they circle the villians lair and protecting the villians from Simba, his lions and the heroes

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