The San Andreas Upper Steel Arch Bridge, also known as the Johnson Bridge, was the largest steel arch bridge in the San Andreas and is appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This bridge is mainly based from the Honeymoon Bridge in Niagara Falls, New York, United States and Ontario, Canada. The two bridges have the same fate. This bridge is not appeared but its remains are seen in the game in 1992 after its collapse in 1989. This bridge had to be constantly protected from a massive pileup of traffic chaos. 


The Johnson Suspension Bridge had so many troubles that the  trolley cars are truly heavy for the load of deliveries, causes the span to be flexible that has almost collapsed through the river. The suspension bridge was closed and was ordered by the parents of the Johnson Brothers to replace itself into an upper suspension bridge with a steel arch (Johnson Bridge). When they do it, they build the steel arch under the suspension bridge in 1946 to 1947, when the steel arch bridge was complete. The suspension towers and the cables were taken off when the steel arch bridge has opened and they were moved to the The Second Suspension Bridge along with the The Falls View Suspension Bridge which is the most common suspension bridge in San Andreas.

Collapse Edit

This disaster happens in 1989 when the traffic chaos has started when the car's horn was blown at all times. The end of the bridge was broken up when the chaos last much longer and it pushes the bridge off its foundation when the midspan broke free. All bridge crossers have died in the collapse of this bridge. This bridge's remaining deck was reused to build a wooden bridge that its going to be used for the countryside racing tournament.


This photo shows a dead bloodied body of of Bhingbong’s Korean-Filipino brother, Hyong-Kim Andersen, from the 1989 collapse of the Johnson Bridge with a police near him to investigate the history of the bridge’s absence. With the absence of this bridge, The Johnson Brothers were thinking of what would be the given testimony from the court premises. As a result, a construction of replacement bridge has taken from 1990-1991. It is named Lake San Andreas View Bridge and it opens in 1992.