The Johnson Brothers are the construction engineers of all luxury bridges at the San Andreas River. They appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They don't have death as centenarians. The brothers were also terrorist killers. The brothers are coming back to life after 2 days at all times when any or all have died. They founded the San Andreas and Liberty City since 1853 when they build the first bridge that spans the San Andreas River that separates between two states. The brothers were separated by the bridges that they've built which means that they needed to be managed by an owner like one of the brothers but reunited with a single objective - to kill any terrorists as SAF or Police Officers.

Early life in the 1850's Edit

The Johnson Brothers were born in the middle of nowhere but they grow bigger so early and fully energized. The brothers hesitated to urbanize the two states without permission with each other. They first build the earlier cantilever bridge over the San Andreas River that connects from Los Santos to Liberty City since 1853. The brothers declared all the bridges 'international' because the river can be crossed by them between two states.

Taking over terrorism Edit

When the Ballas terrorists like Alakdan and Ahas are coming to visit all bridges, the brothers are going to attack them with their ten military weapons. The terrorists needed to take over the brothers' bridge territories until it's all collapsed. Sadly, a family member named Nikko Johnson joins the terrorist team with his new friend, Alakdan and Ahas. But the brothers killed all the terrorists including Alakdan and Ahas and they rescue Nikko to take him back to his home, The Third Suspension Bridge. They reported to the officers that they killed the terrorists and the officers have to give them $5,000 for taking the terrorist team.

Family Members Edit