The San Andreas-Liberty City International Cantilever Bridge, also known as The First Cantilever Bridge and the Liberty City Cantilever Bridge, was an earlier cantilever bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It connects from San Andreas to Liberty City. It opens in 1853 along with The First Suspension Bridge and was replaced by the Freedom Bridge on June 1, 1927 and it was demolished on February 20, 1927 and was moved to San Fierro, San Andreas. It could not accommodate pedestrian traffic due to minimal damage to the structure.

Construction Edit

The First Cantilever Bridge is mainly based from Niagara Cantilever Bridge in Niagara Falls, United States and Canada. The bridge only carries trains like Brown Streak Railroad. It was the first bridge that was built by the Johnson Brothers and it remained in service for 74 years before the San Andreas-Liberty City Freedom Bridge has opened.

History Edit

The LC Cantilever Bridge became the second bridge built by the Johnson Brothers when The First Suspension Bridge has completed soon.

Replacement Edit

The cantilever bridge was closed on June 3, 1927 when the new bridge was opened. It was demolished by the Johnson Brothers after a few days in one month. The bridge's remains were not appeared but its site is at the beach chilling deck near the shipping port at Ocean Docks in Los Santos. It was moved to the Brown Streak Railway Cantilever Bridge in San Fierro, San Andreas when its metal span were repainted into red.