Kobayashi Andersen came here to build a bridge under the direction of his cousin Josh Martin, the chief for the Suspension Bridge. The Martin Suspension Bridge was a temporary bridge to all travelers from Red County to Bone County and is the first of all bridges to cross between two countrysides. It replicated The Upper Suspension Bridge. The cables hung from the stronger oak tree when there was no concrete available to build the stone towers. Kobayashi lost the contract to Josh for the new permanent bridge in a different design. Josh Martin even declared that he won the contract along with Kobayashi to build a 3-truss bridge.


Josh Martin won the contract with Kobayashi to build a 3-truss bridge which is located near the old Suspension Bridge. The construction of the truss bridge starts from 1966 to 1968. It opens in 1969. The Suspension Bridge was closed and remained for one month. The Suspension Bridge was soon demolished and sold for scrap.