Nikko Johnson is a long-life construction engineer, and a secret terrorist agent in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is identical to his twin brother, Benny and a sibling of the Johnson Brothers . His home is located at The Third Suspension Bridge, San Fierro, San Andreas and Mt. Chiliad, San Andreas when joining a terrorist team. 

Early lifeEdit

Nikko and Benny were born with the Johnson Brothers in the 1850's. When The Third Suspension Bridge was completed, he set his own headquarters at the bridge's towers. When Nikko got injured while fighting with the terrorist group at his bridge territory, he was taken by Alakdan and Ahas to their home headquarters at Mount Chiliad, San Andreas. Alakdan insists Nikko to join their terrorist team because they healed his body pain. Nikko agrees and he becomes a new companion and a best friend of Alakdan and Ahas.