The San Fierro Ballerz was a basketball team of the San Andreas Basketball Association and it was formed in 1953 until 1992. Based in San Fierro, San Andreas, the sports team was held at the SF Arena where the basketball court was dismantled since 1992 for the Bloodring Banger Fighting Competition.

History Edit

When the basketball team is formed, they built an arena near the Driving School. Bhingbong Andersen was the first basketball player and he called the professional players for the new team.

Players Edit

Here are some the players that played basketball for the team:

Bhingbong Andersen (1938-2018), he played for the Ballerz and died in 2018 due to the Grim Reaper’s visit

• Gabrielle Andrew Andersen (1899-1993)

• John Edward Scalpelhands (1927-present)

• Freddy Danielson (1900-1996)

• Jacob Adrian Olsen (1923-present)