Stephanie Andersen is an olympian athlete of the Stadium. She is the spouse of Bhingbong Andersen, a designer of the International Freedom Bridge. She collapsed when she visits her brother in law, Hyong-Kim Andersen, who died in the collapse of The San Andreas Upper Steel Arch Bridge.

Early life Edit

Stephanie was born in Downtown Hospital next to her home since 1980. She was a CEO at the Real Estate Agency since 1997 until 2017, when she wants to be an olympian athlete so she can perform sports just for fun. At the age of 9, she visited San Andreas with her siblings to visit her brother in law, Hyong-Kim Andersen, who was sent for team building. They arrived at the Jefferson Motel in Los Santos and Hyong-Kim was out to celebrate the 1989 Festival of Travelers with his workmates. The festival was held from the Los Santos Inlet in Flint County to San Fierro via crossing the SA Upper Steel Arch Bridge. The bridge began moving because of the festival pileup of cars. Hyong-Kim stands on the bridge deck for too long. It was too late for the bridge condition. Too late. The bridge was pushed away from the abutments and it collapsed onto the river. Stephanie called Hyong-Kim's workmate to know where is he. His workmate said that he is at the collapsed Steel Arch Bridge and Stephanie was worried if Hyong-Kim died. She travels to the highway with her siblings which leads to the bridge. When they arrived, Stephanie collapsed when she and her siblings found Hyong-Kim who died from suffocating under the bridge deck when it sunk in the river.