Tarnell Johnson, also known as the Fam3 Johnson, is a long-life centenarian who is an engineer, a police officer and the owner of the longest arch bridge in the entire state of San Andreas along with his twin brother Feddy. He is the sibling of the Johnson Brothers. His main goal is to protect his bridge as a home territory from terrorism.

Early life Edit

Tarnell and Feddy were both born in the same day and the same time. The two and the rest of their brothers were separated by their own bridge territories to protect it against the violence but they reunited soon when all terrorists have died that has caused by one or all of the brothers. Tarnell and Feddy are both protecting the longest International Freedom Bridge from the collapse that is caused by their enemies.'

Problems to be faced and solved Edit

His home was collapsed along with his International Freedom Bridge caused by his nemesis Alakdan and Ahas when the two chop some ice that came from Antartica that travels to the state of San Andreas. Tarnell's rivalry against his enemies grows larger. He needs his two nemesis to face the consequences of what they did to his house along with his bridge.


Fate Edit

Tarnell and his other brothers live forever when they died before 2 days, the time that they come back to life. Their only time to resurrect is at 7:00 am.