The Johnson Suspension Bridge (1870-1947) was the suspension bridge that was built at the site of The First Suspension Bridge, which has collapsed in 1870. It has opened after 70 days, the day that the first bridge has destroyed.

Construction Edit

The Johnson Suspension Bridge was built at the San Andreas River for 70 days when the First Suspension Bridge has collapsed since 1870. It strengthens the bridge along with the towers and the cables. The Johnson Brothers were the boys who built this bridge. When they built the new suspension bridge, it became the legacy of The First Suspension Bridge.

Maintenance and replacement Edit

The Johnson Suspension Bridge was repaired when the cables are weakened and torn apart. But the collapse didn't happened just yet. The bridge's ordinary cables were replaced with concrete that it wouldn't broke free. When the Johnson Brothers were thinking, they told their father to convince their other engineer friends to replace The Johnson Suspension Bridge into an upper suspension bridge with a steel arch. It was dismantled and moved to San Fierro-Tierra Robada.