The Mount Chiliad View Suspension Bridge, also known as the First Suspension Bridge, (1853-1870) was the first temporary suspension bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is similar to the Third Suspension Bridge in Niagara Falls, New York, United States and Ontario, Canada. It opens along with the earlier cantilever bridge. It only carries trains like Brown Streak Railroad at the upper deck and the lower deck is for the cars. Not for commercial trucks. The suspension bridge needs protection from these trucks that causes the bridge to collapse in one piece.

Construction Edit

This bridge was built in 1852 at the dirt track that leads to the river with no bridge in it. It wasn't just made for purposes of tourism but for those travelers who goes to Los Santos from San Fierro. The suspension towers and the cables were erected first before the upper and the lower deck does. There were no casualties in its construction.

Collapse Edit

The bridge was collapsed on the third day of July 1870 when the dynamite from Alakdan has exploded at the middle of the span. It was not a demolition when the traffic is still going on. The bridge crossers fell and died in the river when the deck has crashed. However, it was replaced by the new suspension bridge. This time, the bridge has to be built made of steel along with the deck for carriages and pedestrians. It is named The Johnson Suspension Bridge and it opens early as 70 days after the bridge disaster.