The Second Upper Suspension Bridge is the suspension bridge in the 1992 year game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in San Fierro and Tierra Robada, San Andreas. It was eventually built to replace the SF Cantilever Bridge. During construction, Nikko got wounded when the old cantilever bridge span holding the four brothers collapsed. It is opened to the public on January 1, 2018 at 12:00 am as it is the first and the new bridge on New Year's Eve. No long guy wires are placed  on the bridge when the structure was built made of stronger steel to prevent itself from swaying against the great wind pressure. The temporary bridge was the first Upper Suspension Bridge when the cables are surrounding the cantilever span. It even collapsed with the cantilever span by the use of dynamite at the time that the building of a permanent bridge like this takes 6 months.

Construction Edit

When the first Upper Suspension Bridge collapsed, the bridge in a similar design was built to be used by railway, buggy, and pedestrian traffic. The automobiles and trucks remained at The Third Suspension Bridge. The four Johnson Brothers were the only group who built this bridge. Nikko got wounded when the temporary suspension bridge surrounding the cantilever bridge and holding four brothers collapsed. The work stopped and Nikko was sent to the San Fierro Medical Center for treatment. The work continued but the three brothers are working and Nikko needs to rest for his recovery. He even attended the opening ceremony of the bridge when he got recovered and discharged from the hospital.


The second Upper Suspension Bridge is the San Andreas’ first bridge in 2018. It is actually the state’s famous tourist site. There are no remnants for the predecessor, the SF Cantilever Bridge. But the old bridge located at the site where the second Upper Suspension Bridge is today. The Johnson Brothers were preparing for the opening ceremony of this bridge. The snow season starts as the San Fierro city is getting colder for -9°C. The lower deck is now made of asphalt for buggy and pedestrian traffic.