The Third Suspension Bridge, also known

as the Garver Bridge until 1993, is a suspension bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It was built by the Johnson Brothers when Nikko Johnson needs a luxury bridge that connects from Tierra Robada to San Fierro in San Andreas.

History Edit

The Third Suspension Bridge was built at the San Andreas River near the site of the Brown Streak Railway Cantilever Bridge which was built as a railway bridge in the city. It is at the site of The Upper Suspension Bridge, which has collapsed once in 1990 and has customized by it. It opens in January 7, 1992 and Nikko Johnson is the manager, owner, and the operator of this bridge. Nikko's brother, Tarnell, drives his first car across the bridge to test out that the suspension bridge is ready to hold on. The only vehicle to drive to the top of the suspension bridge towers using the suspension bridge cables is the motorbike like BF-400, FCR-900, HPV1000, and the Sanchez. The fastest is the NRG-500. The rest of them like automobiles and trucks can't go. The bicycles can't get to the top so easily.

Trespassing problems Edit

In the morning after the official opening of this bridge, Nikko's brother, Carl, trespasses his bridge by walking on its suspension cable until he reached the towers.

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Carl Johnson was moving while crouching on his brother's suspension bridge cable.

When he is on top of one of the bridge's towers, he looks for Nikko but he is not in there. Carl kept on looking for Nikko, but he loses control and fell off the bridge. For a safety sake, Carl activated his parachute so he won't die once he landed at the suspension bridge's concrete deck. Nikko was only appeared inside the tower which it cannot be entered when a door becomes invisible.